I’ve decided to put “Advanced Operators” on the backburner. The story has become a victim of my difficulties with plotting. I’ve revamped the story so many times I’m no longer sure where it’s going. I don’t like the characters very much, and I can’t use them to propel the story (as I usually do) because of the artificial restraints I’ve placed on the myself (i.e., the traditional “weird story” style, after Machen and Lovecraft, which favors description and atmosphere over dialogue, my forté). I could drop the constraints, but then I’m left with some fairly uninteresting characters.

I’ll try to return to it when I’m older and wiser. For now, I’m off to Atreval, where I’ll be spending much of my time this year.

And I think it’s time I gave Jack Sheed his due. Who is this fellow I keep teasing you with? With any luck, I’ll have his first adventure jotted down soon.

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