I’ve been busy writing, but there isn’t too much to update on at the moment. I’ve written the first ten pages of my screen adaptation of “The Dunwich Horror,” and am still working on the second Tales of Atreval story.

I’ve also started work on a new horror story. I’m going to keep it under wraps for now, as I hope to send it out once it’s done.

Other than that, the only writing-related issue I’m struggling with is whether to make the first Jack Sheed book a novel, a collection of short stories, or a progressive series of short stories that add up to a kind of novel (a la Tales of Atreval). Novels are easier to sell than short story collections. And the only such collections I can think of are by authors who have already established their universes in novels, like Le Guin’s recent Tales of Earthsea. Books like Leiber’s collected Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser tales–my model for Tales of Atreval–are made up of stories that, while progressing chronologically, were written and published at random over a number of years. Same goes for the collection of Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories.

I suspect I’ll end up keeping Tales of Atreval as a chronologically-linked series of stories, while Sheed will become a novel. But we’ll see.

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