From Fireworks likely when NASA blows up comet on July 4:

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Not all dazzling fireworks displays will be on Earth this July 4, Independence Day in the U.S. NASA hopes to shoot off its own celestial sparks in an audacious mission that will blast a stadium-sized hole in a comet half the size of Manhattan. It would give astronomers their first peek at the inside of one of these heavenly bodies.

Of course, this will awaken the cosmic hellbeast slumbering in the comet’s core, who will become enraged and head to Earth to destroy us.

Fortunately, we have Superman to save us. Superman’s real, right?

On the writing front, I finished the first chapter of The Shiver of the Gate, which really isn’t that much of an accomplishment, but at least progress is being made.

On an unrelated note, I’m becoming increasingly paranoid that there is something very wrong with my monitor at work. For no obvious reason, it makes my eyes hurt and my vision blurry. I get a vague dizziness that lasts all day, but it never starts until I sit down in front of this monitor. I’ve asked the IT department to replace it. Fingers crossed.

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