this is not a clever title. no, really. it’s not. apologies to misters magritte and foucault.

Bleh. Hold on. There. That’s better. I had my headphones on, but I find it difficult to write with music on. Especially when said music is Alice in Chains’ “Grind,” which, while cool, can be a little distracting when you’re attempting to transubstantiate your thoughts into prose.

Hang on, just got an email from Stone (of Stone Tablets).

Okay, took care of that. It’s not that I value Stone more than you, my beloved readers, it’s just that–sorry, that’s disingenuous, I do value him more, in that he’s an actual person reaching out to me at this very moment, whereas you are a vague mass of faceless people who, thus far, have never tried to reach out to me after a post. That’s not meant to sound bitter, just to excuse me for taking the time to answer his email before working on this post.

Well, I seem to have quickly and easily blasted the aloof barrier I attempted to build between myself and this blog. That’s fine. I’ll take it as a sign that this is what I wanted to do in the first place.

I’ve made a few changes to the blog format. First, I altered a couple of the links to the left. I don’t regularly read Gaiman’s or Peter David’s blogs anymore, and they have enough readers anyway. Linking to their blogs was really a show of allegiance more than anything, and frankly, I dislike that sort of thing–I don’t like bumper stickers or little yellow ribbons or colored bracelets or any of that stuff, either. The red white and blue color scheme of this website is more incidental than intentional.

I’m wrapping up my career (and massive debts) at Emerson College (for those of you just joining us, Jason is working on an MFA in Creative Writing). The thesis, which has waffled between two or three different projects, has settled on a group of short stories, primarily heroic fantasy, with perhaps one contemporary dark fantasy/horror piece in there, if I can talk my advisor into it.

Okay, I’m back. You didn’t know it, but I went home and slept and came back in the time between the last paragraph in this one. Now I’m looking over my previous writing and thinking that the in-your-face honesty is cloying. I want to pull back, to rewrite this entry and make it aloof and distanced. But I’ll resist the urge. Why? Because you’ll no doubt find this entry more interesting. Or more annoying. Let me know! Email me and tell me whether you like or dislike this new style.

By the way, I’ve had a few things published recently. I had a short piece in ToyFare magazine (issue #99, page 111), and I’ll have some stuff in the next couple of issues as well. I also wrote a review of the TV-movie Merlin for

In honor of Halloween, allow me to guide those readers who haven’t read it to my story “Johnny Sniper and the Cave of Fear”. It’s gross and creepy. Enjoy.

I had a few other things I wanted to mention in this entry, but I’ve completely forgotten them between last night and today. So perhaps what I’ll do is write a new entry in a reasonable amount of time, rather than waiting a month between them. We shall see.

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