thesis: done and done (sorta)

So the thesis has been handed in to my committee. It came in at 130 pages in double-spaced 12-point Courier. For the record, I chose Courier over Times New Roman because the page count had to be 100 pages, and with Times the count came to 103 pages, which is cutting it a little close. Why the college allows such variation in font size is beyond me, but I’m sure they have their reasons. Or not.

Now the committee reads it and I meet with them in two weeks for my thesis conference, a.k.a. thesis defense, where I argue why my five fantasy stories make for a good thesis. And then that’s done–no more thesis worries.

By the end of next month, my two-and-half-year career at Emerson will be over, and I will have a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative writing. And then comes the contemplation. I had some doubts about entering the program initially, but decided that I owed it to myself to give this writing thing a shot. Now that I’m done, I don’t know that I’m any more sure that I want to be a writer than I was before I started. I’ll have to see how I feel after a few months away from the program.

I’m thinking I want to try writing comics.

Had a lovely Thanksgiving at the parental ranch with Karen, spending much time with the pugs, Buford and Mille. Pugs really are too adorable. They’re like living stuffed animals.

I bought a number of comics this week–including the intriguing Perhapanauts, which was pretty interesting. It feels like the B.P.R.D. from Hellboy, but with a less serious, more Saturday-morning-cartoon vibe (which I like). In fact, it would probably make a great Saturday morning cartoon. I see action figures, videogames…

But anyway. I also picked up the third issue of Red Sonja, which is definitely picking up speed. While Kurt Busiek’s Conan is faithful to the dark, vaguely depressing worldview of Robert E. Howard, I can feel a little of Fritz Leiber in Michael Van Oeming’s scripting of Sonja.

I also picked up the next issue of Conan and Avatar’s Lovecraftian series Yuggoth Creatures, but I haven’t read them yet.

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