birthday ’05

I decided I’d better get a post up on my birthday, if for no other reason than to make sure the world knows it’s my birthday and can therefore lavish attention and praise on me for having managed not to die for another year, despite my occasional surety otherwise.

While I had a lot of problems in the first half of this year, I have to say that it wrapped up quite well. I have a woman I love. I also got completed an MFA program and will soon officially have my Master’s. That’s all pretty gratifying. (This seems more like a New Year’s reflection, but given my current rate of updating this blog, I might as well jot it down while I’m thinking of it.)

Since today is my actual birthday, I haven’t received my haul yet (except for my new, bad-ass desktop computer, which is part birthday gift, part MFA graduation gift from my parents). But for posterity, here’s my Christmas haul:

–“Hellbob Paranormalpants” statue (a one-of-a-kind statue sculpted by an eBay seller, featuring Spongebob Squarepants as Hellboy)
–Simpsons “Life” board game
–Hellboy t-shirt
The Iron Giant special edition DVD
–30Gb Ipod Photo
–Hellboy tree ornament
20 Questions gadget (highly recommended, very addictive)
–History book about toys (great coffee table book)
–Framed photo of the girlfriend and me (excellent present from my sister)
–Nesser from Gaiking toy (Shogun Warriors toy)

Those are just the highlights–there was lots of other goodies. I especially appreciated the new driving gloves–that steering wheel is pretty cold in the morning.

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