It’s rather silly for a self-proclaimed writer to be unable to maintain a foolish consistency in the frequency of his blog entries…yet here we are.

My birthday has come and gone and I am now more than twenty-seven years old, which is fine because I’ve been thinking I was twenty-seven for about eight months now. For some reason twenty-six is one of those years that just doesn’t quite register in the brain. Kind of like how I can never remember whether that co-worker of mine is named Alan or Chris, or whether “homage” is pronounced “home-awwj,” “home-ij,” or “hawm-ij.”

I’ve added a brand-spanking-new link to the long-dormant “Sphere of Influence” list–“Real Cool Yeah,” my friend Kate’s new blog. Kate drew the original sketch of the logo you see at the top of this page. Also a self-proclaimed writer and fellow owner of that most lucrative of graduates degrees, the MFA in creative writing, Kate has already managed to beat my weekly post frequency by about 500%.

As mentioned previously, I got an iPod for Christmas. Once I got through ripping all my CDs onto iTunes, I gorged myself in an orgy of downloading all those singles I loved growing up but never wanted to buy the entire album for. I’ve noticed iTunes can sometimes be frustrating for this kind of shopping, which is ostensibly its main appeal. For instance, I wanted the Elastica single “The Connection,” but iTunes only has Elastica’s albums from 2000 on. I’m sure they’re very nice albums, but no thanks, just want that single I remember listening to on WBCN while driving to high school in my 1987 Chevy Camaro that appeared to be about to travel through time–or maybe just fall apart–when it hit 88 miles per hour.

Also, it was quite irritating to find I could only get “Sweet Victory” by downloading the entire Spongebob Squarepants album. Defeating the purpose of the service, people!

Now that my student loans are coming due, I’ve decided I need to start writing a novel again, and quickly. A nice commercial novel that will wow a greedy literary agent and burn through 50,000 hardcovers before the paperback rights come in for ungodly amounts of cash. Yes, that’s how it’ll go.

On the toy front, my pledge to keep my toy-buying to a minimum this year met its first challenge today: Mezco’s Afterlife line of zombie action figures. It’s an old school gross-out toy line in the tradition of the He-Man Slime Pit or Boogers from the Planet Nose. I don’t know if I can resist removable guts.

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