Last night I attempted to upgrade the site to the latest version of MovableType, but discovered it was far more complicated than I cared to deal with. I could have managed to get the new system installed, import all the old entries and fix the website templates, given enough time, but there wasn’t a real need and I didn’t feel like spending days and days figuring it out. Thankfully I’d backed up the site and was able to put everything back. One change I do hope to make in the near future, however, is to add comments.

In other news, my girlfriend, who goes by DottyGale (DG) online, has start a new blog. She hopes to update at least as frequently as I update this thing, so the time to beat is twice a month. Update: I’ve also added the blog of my cousin Ed Humphries, the funniest man ever to take a bath in his underwear.

My immersion into the Whedonverse continued unabated this weekend. DG and I watched Serenity on Saturday (finally, after owning it for two months). (Spoilers ahead.) I enjoyed it; DG thought it was depressing. Which it was, I suppose, but I really liked it. Interesting characters, great action, a story with a message, and special effects that served the story rather than the marketing budget–maybe I’ve just seen so many bad science fiction movies that it was immensely refreshing to see a good one. I’ll admit the movie probably wasn’t as good as the series (shades of X-Files), but it was still better than 90% of what Hollywood puts out in terms of science fiction every year.

On Sunday we started Buffy season six. For those keeping track, I still need to see Buffy seasons 6-7 and Angel 3-5. We’re also trying to get through the first season of the new Battlestar Galactica, but despite the fact that it’s the only water cooler show at my geek-oriented office, I just can’t seem to get into it. At the very least, I can’t motivate myself to watch it when I could be watching a Buffy or Angel episode. Perhaps after we’ve finished those.

I finished reading Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy. I enjoyed it immensely and highly recommend it to just about anyone. It’s written for a late adolescent or teenage audience, but the subject matter is often very adult. It’s one of those truly great coming-of-age books–and an excellent fantast adventure as well. It was also nice to read the prose of a skilled writer; I’ve been reading so many comics and not-so-great novels lately, I’d forgotten what truly great writing was like.

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