Equinox and other funny words.

The spring equinox has come and gone, and my usual concomitant madness seems to be dying down as well. I tend to get a little nutty in March. I used to think it was seasonal affective disorder, which I suppose it kind of is, but not in the clinical sense; it’s more that, come March, I (like many New Englanders) begin to believe that there will never be light or warmth in this world again. The nonexistent May and mild summer last year didn’t help either–it feels like a long time since I enjoyed a warm, sunny day.

Of course, my company, being very computer-oriented, keeps all but the most necessary lights off, meaning I spend my days in what is essentially a well-networked tomb. As someone who needs a certain amount of sunlight each day, my recent bout with a terrible cold and the mild insanity following were perhaps inevitable.

But I’m feeling much better now. Honest.

ToyFare magazine has a section called “The Monthly Rag,” which is basically a collection of fake news article a la The Onion, with a focus on toys. They accepted two of my article pitches, so look for those in an upcoming issue. In the meantime I continue to write the “What’s In Store” section in the price guide every month.

I saw V for Vendetta over the weekend. I’ll review it in a separate entry.

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