Upgrade, with violence

Well, the upgrade to Movabletype 3.2 went far smoother than last time. I sat down to do it yesterday, expecting to spend three or four hours at the computer, but I must have done something wrong before, because it took perhaps ten minutes. The result is a more efficient system and much better spam comment blocking.

I watched A History of Violence yesterday. Like The Road to Perdition, it’s based on a graphic novel, which suggests that graphic novels are beginning to get the same attention as regular novels. The graphic novel market has also been a growing segment of the publication industry, so it seems this “original American art form” may finally be getting its due. That said, I don’t know anyone who’s read the graphic novel of Violence, including me. Regardless, the film is good, and it provoked a few interesting thoughts for me, e.g., what is the price of maintaining the American dream? and can Americans as a whole achieve that dream only at a heavy cost of blood and soul?

I’ve enjoyed updating the blog this frequently, but in an effort to keep myself writing, I’m going to hold off posting again until I’ve finished a first draft of “Leoht Unfaeger.” Fingers crossed that you’ll see another post this year.

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