Reviews galore

I spent the greater part of the day adding a library of my old movie reviews to the site—reviews that go all the way back to my college days in 1999. I did it all rather quickly, so I’m sure there will be some broken links and other errors–please leave a comment if you see one so I can fix it.

Reading them now, especially the older reviews, I can see that they’re in some places a bit naïve, but they make for good reading and practically doubled the amount of site content. Included are my infamous negative reviews of The Matrix, Fight Club and The Phantom Menace (all of which I still stand by), as well as some puzzlers—I saw Anywhere But Here? and Drop Dead Gorgeous? and Arlington Road? I can’t remember anything about Arlington Road except that Tim Robbins was in it.

Feel free to comment on the reviews, but realize that I may not be willing to go to bat for them anymore—again, I was never a professional reviewer (well, except for a couple months in summer ’03), and I was even more clueless then than I am now.

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