GINO returns…in 2006…as a Doritos pitchman?

Recently a Doritos ad has been running that features footage from the 1998 American Godzilla film. The first time I saw it, I had to ask: WTF mates?

GINO stands for Godzilla-In-Name-Only—the derogatory nickname given to the Americanized Godzilla by fans of the Japanese version who loathed the American abomination (such as me). The film did well at the box office but was a critical bomb, reviled by most Godzilla fans, and was more or less forgotten about except by those who follow the careers of Matthew Broderick or Jean Reno.

So what is he doing in a Doritos commercial eight years after his instantly-forgettable debut? All I can think is that whoever owns the film footage was looking for a way to build some equity and Doritos bit. I hope this doesn’t become a trend…I don’t need to see the aliens from Independence Day hawking burgers, or the Predator shilling for Nabisco.

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