Rock Star: Storm

DG suckered me into watching Rock Star: INXS last year. In my defense, it was interesting to see a show on prime time where live rock was played on a weekly basis; plus, they used a lot of music from the era during which my music tastes ossified (1991-95). But while the show was interesting, I wasn’t much interested in the outcome because I wasn’t an INXS fan.

This season seemed a little more interesting; rather than an established band with an established sound, they were creating a new band with Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Jason Newstead (formerly of Metallica), and Gilby Clarke (apparently formerly of Guns ‘N Roses). I found this a bit more interesting since there was at least some possibility I might be interested in listening to this band’s CD.

Initially, the only contestant that interested me was Dilana. I picked her to win very early on. I remember the blondes—Jill, Jenny and Storm—blurred together originally. I was all about Dilana.

But then, a few weeks ago, Storm (whose last name turned out to be Large), busted out with “Anything, Anything” by Dramarama. It was by far the rockingest performance seen so far on the show (and still is, despite an obviously pre-arranged stage dive). It was then I noticed not only that Storm rocked, but that she was also a gorgeous blonde who looks a little like a hotter and more entertaining Lindsay Lohan. From that moment on I was a Storm fan. To be honest I probably have a crush on her, but that’s okay because DG has a crush on Newstead.

I’m not sure Storm will win; Supernova seem to have more or less decided on Dilana, I think. And that’s fair; Dilana has been consistently good, though I could argue that with the exception of “Time After Time,” she hasn’t exactly taken any chances. She provides good but not necessarily artistic performances (which is probably exactly what Supernova should have).

But it’s okay if Storm doesn’t win, because after watching Storm’s performances with her old bands on YouTube, I’d much rather have a now-better-known Storm get her own music deal. One YouTube member, commenting on one of her videos with her old band Storm, Inc., wrote “Jim Morrison has returned from the dead as a woman,” which as good a compliment as I can offer, I think. That, and the fact that watching to some of these videos (e.g., “Jeremiah”) gives me the same chills I remember when I first started listening to real rock music. She’s got artistic chops and she’s clearly intelligent (see “Great Day”), so I imagine, with the help of the television exposure, she’ll do just fine.

Do yourself a favor and check her out on YouTube, especially the Storm, Inc. songs (though I also really enjoyed “I Want You to Die,” which has a hilarious final bit).

You can also download some MP3s of Storm, Inc. here.

  1. It’s amazing how these reality shows can suck people in.

    Last year – at a summer BBQ – I ran into our cousin John who proceeded to level a true confession at me. He wanted me to know that he was hooked on reality TV.

    I said, “If you say ‘Dancing with Celebrities’ – I’ll disown you.”

    Sure enough – he was soon a free man.

    This summer, Andi has been hooked on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. While that is most certainly not my cup o’ tea – I do admit that I have been in the room reading a book or playing my DS and have – through osmosis – picked up all there is to know about that show. Of course, I pick the thing apart, which doesn’t usually go over so well. I’m probably better served turning my attention back to Phoenix Wright.

  2. I think Rock Star may be the only reality show I watch (unless you count Mythbusters, which I don’t). DG loves America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, and while I can sit through one of those, I can take ’em or leave ’em—Rock Star is the only one I watch regularly.

    But while I’ll happily concede the cheesiness of reality shows in general and RS in particular, I stand by my belief that Storm is a genuine rock star, and probably more worth listening to than whatever Supernova comes up with.

  3. Mmmm…Kari Byron

  4. @Sean—I concur. Did you see her FHM spread…?

  5. Yeah, I did last night when I googled to make sure I spelled her name correctly. Found some YouTube vids too, including the FHM one.

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