Zombies rule

I wish I had an Xbox 360. And Dead Rising.

Alternatively, I wish I’d never gone to my cousin Mike’s and played Dead Rising, because now I know what I’m missing.

  1. Let me offer some fiscally responsible advice –

    Open a credit card and charge that mutha!!!

  2. While you are at it, buy him one too so all three of us can play… although, I won’t be slashing up any zombies. I’m sorry, but that game looks real dumb to me, but then again, I never got into GTA either and this is just a clone with a decent spin.

  3. Actually, from what I’ve read Dead Rising has a pretty decent storyline, and you actually have to follow it fairly closely. You can play in an open GTA-style, but doing so costs you any possibility of advancement in the storyline because you’re on some sort of timer (a very long timer, but a timer nonetheless).

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