Back to the $10 word titles. Nothing new to report, really—I just wanted to get something up here before it began to rot.

I’m still working on my “Zombie Alamo” story, tentatively retitled “The Wanderer.” Yeah, it’s more generic, but it’s also more evocative of what I’m trying to do with the story. DG says she prefers “Vengeance Upon the Dust,” and of course there’s a very good chance she’s right to do so, seeing as how she’s usually right, but I’m sticking with “The Wanderer” for now. It’s a reference to a famous Anglo-Saxon poem of the same title, which is the thematic inspiration for my story.

I think I’m going to try and write another Christmas-themed one-shot a la “But Once a Year” for the blog. Something bizarre, no doubt. Maybe something with zombies. A zombie Christmas. That’s begging to be written.

DG and I are going to The Game this weekend. For those not in the know, that’s the Harvard-Yale football game. It’s the one time of the year I acknowledge my alma mater and give free reign to my antipathy toward the sons and daughters of Eli (that’s Yalies, folks). This year, however, my father and I will be wearing Yale sweatshirts in honor of the late Mark Fitzsimmons. It’s an indignity the old ham would no doubt have appreciated.

Other random bits: one of my favorite characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was Kulak (“of the Miquot Clan”), a spiny-headed yellow demon who could shoot fleshy knives from his forearms. He was in one episode for about ten minutes, but in my opinion he’s the Boba Fett (or maybe the Darth Maul) of the so-called Buffyverse. Anyway, as an action figure collector I’d love a plasticized Kulak, but it seems he’s just not popular enough to warrant anything more than a bust. Still, this guy’s custom Kulak is pretty darn good.

  1. Wait – you’re telling me that your tale of an NY Yankee fan staving off zombie armageddon was based in part on an old Anglo-Saxon poem.

    … and all this time I thought it was based on a feverish wish fulfillment fantasy dreamed up by some despondent Minion of Mick in the wake of THE GREATEST CHOKE IN SPORTS HISTORY!!!

    If you really want to put some meat on this story’s bones – give those zombies religion. We should learn – somewhere in the 3rd act – that the dusties bow to the unfrozen, reanimated head of Ted Williams.

  2. Actually, I removed the Yankees reference in the current revision of the story. He’s still from New York, but I decided I couldn’t make him a diehard Yankees fan because I was having enough trouble identifying with the character as it was.

    Where’s Kate to comment on all this? She’s a Yankees fan.

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