Two years and counting

Since the Saturday morning cartoon post proved so popular, I’ll soon put up a Top Ten Cartoons of All Time post. I’m just trying to decide whether to do it in one big post or as ten separate posts.

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the current incarnation of Biggerboat. Two years ago I wrote my first post, “paramental”, discussing a short story that I never actually finished (surprise surprise). Things were different back then. The Sox were World Series champions. The Patriots were about to win the Super Bowl the very next day. And the domestication of the dog continued unabated.

I also realized I completely missed the five-year anniversary of Biggerboat last May. I created Biggerboat in 2001 when my college Web account expired. I didn’t really do anything with it until a year later, when an acquaintance of a friend mocked me for my worthless website. In a fit of indignation, I created Biggerboat Magazine, a so-called literary magazine, with the help of my good friend John. For a while it functioned relatively well, and we even paid people for short stories, poems and articles. And of course, my cousin Ed was the resident movie reviewer.

Eventually I decided I didn’t want to run the magazine anymore, but I wanted to keep the Biggerboat name. So John took the magazine and split it off into PulpLit. Meanwhile I turned BBn into a blog in September 2003. For a time, Ed and I shared the blogging duties, but that didn’t work out—because I’m too much of a control freak regarding the site (entirely my fault, and I still feel bad about that whole thing). I put that version of BBn on hiatus in November 2004 and came back in February 2005 with the blog you’re reading now.

So here we are, two years later and BBn is still going strong. This year I intend to repeat the Halloween Month experiment, but this time, I’ll be doing a Christmas Month, with a Christmas-themed post every day in December (there, I’ve written it and now I’ll have to do it).

I want to thank all my readers, old and new, for their continued readership and support, especially those of you who comment regularly. Comments are like candy to bloggers. And of course, I should also thank the Snow Miser, whose popular 1999-era Web site helps keep this blog afloat.

Two years and counting. Boo-yah!!

  1. I just realized that nobody commented on the one post where you dropped the phrase “Comments are like candy” so I decided to drop you a treat.

    You wrote: “For a time, Ed and I shared the blogging duties, but that didn?t work out?because I?m too much of a control freak regarding the site (entirely my fault, and I still feel bad about that whole thing). ”

    You shouldn’t feel bad about that. If anything, I probably did myself in through my snark attacks at you while writing for your site. I was, of course, just joking around but still… it was my little way of getting back at THE MAN. Unfortunately, you happened to represent THE MAN at the time, so you took it on the chin. If it means anything, I no longer think of you as a man (err) I mean, THE MAN!!!

    Hey, something good came of all this. Without you kicking me to the curb, the world may never have journeyed to The Ed Zone.

    And that’s a world I don’t want to live in.

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