Gaming’s Greatest Guns

I’ve got to agree with most of the choices in this article, “Gaming’s Greatest Guns”. I’ve played most of those games and the choices are dead-on, especially DOOM II‘s double-barreled shotgun, Duke Nukem 3D‘s shrink-ray, Halo‘s pistol and Perfect Dark‘s laptop gun. (Though, from what I understand, the omission of Half-Life 2‘s Gravity Gun is fairly egregious.)

Some of the commenters on the article suggest the Lancer from Gears of Wars should be included as well. Personally I disagree—there’s nothing particularly innovative or interesting about the weapon, except that it’s a machine gun with a chainsaw on it. We’ve had chainsaws and we’ve had machine guns in FPS games before. The Torque Bow is a bit more interesting, but I don’t really see how it’s significantly different from a missile launcher (except that it takes longer to fire, can’t heat-seek, and has a delay before it explodes).

Ultimately, I don’t think any of Gears of Wars‘s weapons were particularly ground-breaking in any way (or even overpowered), so I wouldn’t have included them on the list.

On a related note, it looks like the much-loved original Halo pistol is back for Halo 3—in looks, at least (the video is a leak and will probably be taken down by the time you click).

  1. Where’s the love for Ratchet & Clank’s Morpho-Ray? For crissake, it turns enemies into chickens. You ask me, that’s more innovative than a Cerebral Bore.

  2. Yeah and the original assault rifle is back too.

    Agree with Ed, but further add that R&C had tons of fun weapons. Kinda the point of the game after awhile.

    Agree with you on the GoW weapons being underwhelming. I pretty much used the Lancer all the time unless I had to snipe something. I guess the reason it was cool was because the chainsaw was your bayonet, so that is fun, plus the animation of its use is very fun. The Hammer of Dawn was fun, but not necessarily anything all that great either.

    They have an Unreal gun there, but I liked the Lightning Gun. Nothing like zapping a guy’s head off.

    Oh…which game had that kick @ss rail gun with the x-ray scope?

  3. Oh…which game had that kick @ss rail gun with the x-ray scope?
    Perfect Dark! I loved that game. My college roommate and I would throw in 20 bots and go to town. I wish more games had bots in multiplayer.

  4. Hmm… never played that one, was there another game with that? I could just be thinking of the Quake rail gun and then I attached an x-ray scope to it as I know it existed somewhere in the wild. Anyway, I’m a sucker for a good rail gun. Oh, and as someone mentioned in that article’s comments, the Super Nail Gun in Quake (whichever) was awesome too. Just the sound of the nails flying…

  5. Baby Carrot left a comment on February 16, 2007 at 9:48 am

    I really have no argument with that list, although quite a few people will attest to my fondness for rocket launchers. Espcially the launcher from Halo 2 that held 2 rounds and was heat seeking. Man that thing rocked. Personally I also think the plasma grenade gets no love whatsoever. How can you go wrong with a grenade that sticks?

    I also agree that no weapons particularly “stand out” in GoW although the Hammer of dawn is pretty unique. The Torque Bow could have been incredible if it worked like say Rambo 3…

  6. Halo 3 is going to have a weapon similar to the Hammer of Dawn called the “Spartan Laser,” which is basically a huge laser gun capable of obliterating vehicles. Of course, using it makes you a huge target…

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