Netflix Shuffle

Does anyone else wish Netflix offered the option to shuffle your queue (without breaking up series or DVD sets)? I always get bogged down trying to prioritize my movies, and I think it’d be fun to get some random movie in the mail every few days.

I know there are some software programs out there that can already do this, but you’d think it would be a pretty easy feature for Netflix to implement.

  1. John left a comment on February 28, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    It would take, probably five lines of code to implement. You wouldn’t even need to outsource it to India.

  2. Everything I’ve found online seems to be some sort of javascript thing. I’m sure I could implement it if I were willing to sit down and figure it out, but it bugs me Netflix doesn’t just make it an option.

    You’d think with the increasing competition from Blockbuster, they’d add a few features. I mean, the functionality has essentially been the same for four years.

  3. Speaking as a developer, it would be very easy to implement. Having just gotten back into the Netflix fold recently after a five year layoff, I too was struck by how little had changed with their queue system. The thing that still drives me bananas is how they make it so tedious to order your queue. Other than adding the move to top buttons, it hasn’t changed at all. Given they have a good amount of AJAX stuff going on already, they need to get some drag-and-drop reorder of that list as opposed to keeping track of moving numbers about. Even adding simple up and down buttons on each line would be a huge improvement in usability.

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