Wormy fate

I downloaded Worms for the Xbox Live Arcade this morning. I’ve been a Worms fan since the very first version of the game back in the early ’90s (though I never tried the 3D versions, as I think that’s just not the right format for the property).

While the game is as good as ever, I do have a couple of beefs. First, the game was designed for HD, and like Dead Rising, a lot of the text (and even some of the graphics) look a little small and blurry on my non-HD TV. Alien Hominid is HD as well, but it looks fine to me, so I don’t know what the deal is. The only difference I can think of is that AH’s graphics are larger, and it doesn’t have any actual “type” text (just big cartoony text), which may make the difference.

My other beef is with the controls. Alien Hominid maps the “shoot” button on X and the “jump” button on A. Worms maps them exactly opposite. This has cost me several wormy lives today; as brave Commander Corndog turned to fire his bazooka upon a foe, he instead found himself leaping to a watery grave.

Worms doesn’t offer the ability to edit the controls, which means I’ve got to teach my brain to distinguish both control sets. Unfortunately, both games make extensive use of those two functions.

But it gave me a thought: why can’t Microsoft offer the ability to remap the controls of any game? You can already add custom soundtracks to any game. As long as all you’re doing is swapping among the same number of buttons, there’s no reason not to make this an option.

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