Super Marios Bros. update 1

Every day, I’m going to try to beat the original Super Mario Bros. on the Wii Virtual Console. I’ll post an update the next day.

Update #1: After about a dozen tries last night (going 1-1 – 1-2 – 4-1 – 4-2 – 8-1 – 8-2 – 8-3 – 8-4), I got as far as the final castle and died. There was much cursing and many doubts cast upon the integrity of Mario’s ancestry.

  1. BTW Did you know that you can suspend play on the Virtual Console version of SMB by pressing the Home button? The next time you re-enter the game you will be exactly where you left off. In the old days, you had to beat it all in one sitting, so this is a little bit of a help if you need a breather.

    Good luck to you. I tried beating it a week ago and couldn’t do it. Maybe I’ll match your challenge. Well – I’m off to work. i’ll let you know how it turns out.

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