Halo vs. Metroid

Okay, this is kind of amazing.

  1. Whoa… first Neo Chief pops an electric chubb and then turns out to be a chick? Um, was she wearing boy armor? Kid is obviously a fanboy of the highest order because of the lesbian vibe at the end… but, overall, pretty cool, so he gets some cred. I’m guessing these two chicks are characters he has in his *original* series, which his pub stunt has failed in getting me to check out…

  2. Samus Aran (Metroid) is a chick. That was the big reveal way back in the NES days. At the end of the game, he/she removed the helmet to reveal a chick. It blew most gamers minds at the time. Anyway, the star of Metroid has always been a chick so the guy was just throwing a little joke there by inferring Master Chief is a chick as well (basically riffing off the fact that both wear massive packages of body armor.)

    And in that universe where Master Chief is a chick it stands to reason that a battle royale would end in the scissor fight to end all scissor fights.

  3. Well, if you read the guy’s comments below the video, he suggests that the character is actually Nicole from Dead or Alive 4, who was a Spartan the Bungie guys let Tecmo put in the game.

    Of course, he’s obviously suggesting that we’re watching the Master Chief up until the end.

  4. I knew Samus was a chick… I was going on more about the Chief being a chick, but one of the thumbnails for the other vids had a chick on it, so I assumed he was using renderings of his chicks, possibly… bah, it doesn’t matter…

  5. The Good Doctor left a comment on April 25, 2007 at 8:56 am

    But it’s all wrong! Both Samus and the Master Chef have abilities they don’t have in their respective games! It feels dirty!! Make it stop!!!

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