Can’t think today.

In a profound brain fog today, so please excuse the random topics.

DG recently gave me Crackdown (an Xbox 360 game) as a consolation prize for being neglected during these final months of her thesis (yes, I can be bribed). I’ve been playing it a bit too much, I think, because last night all I could dream about was jumping up the side of buildings and hiding behind walls while grenades were thrown at me. It may be time to take a break…yeah, right.

Crackdown also comes with access to the upcoming Halo 3 public beta, which should be interesting.

(Man, is this all I have to write about these days? When did I become so boring? …oh, right.)

I was planning to review Crackdown, along with Grindhouse and Hot Fuzz, but I’ve hit one of those phases where I find reviewing pointless. My enthusiasm should return at some point.

You may recall the incomplete zombie novella I posted in segments back in October, Vengeance Upon the Dust. I finished it in December but haven’t looked at it in months, so it should be nice and baked. I intend to put it through the editing process next week while I’m on vacation. At that point, I’ll show it to a few select readers, then maybe start shopping it around. I don’t like the “Dust” title; I’ve taken to calling it The Wanderer again. That’s still too generic, so I’m open to suggestions.

Speaking of resurrecting old junk, I’ve got a new feature I’m going to introduce tomorrow. It…might be fun.

  1. Big Guy left a comment on April 26, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    Hot Fuzz was one of the funiest movies I have seen in a long long time. I want to go see it again just to appricate all the subtle stuff about Judge Judy’s Excutioner and the Power of Grey Skull. Seriously, any movie that can work old He-Man lines into a movie gets promoted to awesome without even blinking. If that makes any sense…

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