We needed a bigger boat

Welcome to the new Biggerboat!

Yes, a redesign has been going on in secret for a few weeks now. All the work was done by Sean, who also designed The Ed Zone. When we tried to go live yesterday and discovered that the new design didn’t want to work with MovableType, Sean buckled down and transferred the entire site to WordPress?including all the old content.

I can’t thank Sean enough for all the hard work he put into the site. Really, I can’t?he won’t let me. So be sure to comment and let him know how totally awesome you think it is, because you do (right? RIGHT?!).

Since the site is now running off WordPress, you’ll need to update any RSS or other feeds you’ve been using; the old ones will still link to the old Movabletype site.

Poke around a bit. Nothing is substantially different, but you should find it a bit easier to get around and to comment. Also, be sure to let me know if you find any dead links or malfunctioning content.

In the meantime, I believe I owe you not one, but two Roundhead cartoons. These two begin the “storyline” in which Roundhead and his evil twin Bob go to Hell to find Roundhead’s archenemy Mr. Zem. The third cartoon is the first to be hand-drawn and also contains the first thing to actually make me laugh while re-reading these. Enjoy.

(P.S. The “Columbian necktie” gag comes from Loose Cannons, the first rated-R movie I was allowed to watch in its entirety as a teenager. At least I think it does.)

Roundhead 2

Roundhead 3

  1. Mumma left a comment on May 12, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    STILL one of the greatest movie lines of all time! Love the new look, nice and bright, I like the bigger boat ( pun possibly intended!) and the categories index is a nice addition.
    Nice work, Sean!

  2. Ed left a comment on May 12, 2007 at 9:04 pm

    Wonderful design!!!

    I liked it the first time I saw it… when it was called Bank of America.

    Hah – Just kidding. That’s a little payback for my former site’s design being compared to Fleet Bank. Sean has a thing for banks. It all started years ago when some friendly teller offered him a Root Beer Dum Dum and since then, it’s been all banks, all the time.

    P.S. Sean – Love the new TD Banknorth paint job you gave your Jeep. The little decals of Troy Brown and Ray Bourque on the rear window just tie the whole thing together. Beats a ‘Calvin pissing on a Dodge logo’ any day.

    Seriously though – the site looks fantastic. I opened it up yesterday morning and was instantly impressed. Good work to Sean – you are the Picasso of our little corner of the web – or at the very least – you’re a Teamster named Picasso. Sal Picasso.

    Great New Look!!!

  3. You stole my joke!!! I was actually going to use that one…

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll have a post on my blog soon telling the tale of what a taskmaster Jason has been on this project! 😉

  4. BTW: Good call on TD, I’ll use their colors for my next project.

    I’m sure you’ve noticed, but the colors were based on those in Kate’s awesome logo and we tweaked the old blue to a brighter blue.

  5. Ed left a comment on May 13, 2007 at 11:07 am

    Whatever – I’m just looking for my account balance and I can’t quite seem to find the right link to it.

  6. @Ed—It just so happens that Bank of America and I share a love for the colors of freedom. If you don’t like it, go back to Russia.

  7. Ed left a comment on May 13, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    In America, every man owns three houses and fifteen cars and is married to 23 women. In Communist Russia, the cars drive you.

    Americah – Whadda’ country!!!

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