I just saw someone get eaten.

It was a woman, young, maybe a college student. She was running up Dighton, and she was outpacing a few of them down the street, easy. The things are slow. I went to open the window, call out to her and tell her she could hole up in here, when I saw one of them lurch out from behind a parked car. I couldn’t see the damned thing from my angle.

She struggled for a second but it had already bitten into her arm. She tore at it, trying to get away, but another one of the things had already come around the corner. It…they kept biting her…and then the others caught up–she screamed for minutes, MINUTES, she wouldn’t stop screaming, and then finally she did, and then there was just that wet smacking sound…I shut the window…

No word from DG. Or my family. Email seems to be down, but the damned Internet is still working somehow. How does that make any sense? There seems to be more of them roving around out there. I might have been able to make my car before, but not now. Not after what I just saw.

The TV’s not broadcasting anymore, and I turned the radio off. No one seemed to be getting news reports anymore anyway. And they had nothing useful to say–no one seems to know anything. There was a report, don’t know how reliable it is, that the outbreak started in Louisville (the American outbreak, that is) and the government nuked the city off the map. Could it be true? I guess I could believe anything now.

I thought about going into the hallway and knocking on a few doors, see if anyone else is holed up, but I’m too freaked out…who knows, people might be sitting in front of their doors with shotguns and itchy trigger fingers. Too dangerous right now. I think I’m going to take stock of the food. The power’s going to go out eventually, I need to eat some of the cold foods now while I still can.

I wonder where DG is.

  1. Kate left a comment on June 13, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    mmmmmmmmmmerrrrrghghghghg…uhg. Merf. oagfghghahauigoa;ghghak.

  2. Mollie left a comment on June 13, 2007 at 9:22 pm

    I’m glad that you’re still ok — we’ve been watching the news from over here in Bangkok and are just waiting til it gets here. There’ve been a few cases in the provinces but so far, weirdly, the city seems safe enough. I guess since the bird flu dramas we’re more prepared for quarantines and what not. We’ve been getting scattered reports from Burma, that it’s basically completely done for, but obviously not a whole lot of news is coming out of there.

    The streets are really creepy and empty — the city must be slowly starving without street food. We’ve been too scared to go to the shops but I think will try and stock up today.

    I am sure DG is ok, she’s a smart girl and is probably holed up in her lab. We’ve heard from S’s family that it made it Australia, but the whole population is running as fast as they can into the interior of the country. Who knows? Maybe the desert will get them before it does.

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