Dusk of the Dead

As you have all no doubt figured out by now, the two posts I put up yesterday were gags, part of Blog Like It’s the End of the World, an event organized by blogger Steve Wilson. The idea was to write your blog as if a zombie uprising had actually occurred, Dawn of the Dead-style.

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of bloggers participated, with all sorts of different approaches to the task. I tried to work pretty straightforward, imagining the situation as realistically as possible—if I were actually able to post a blog about something like that, what would I write? How would I really behave during a zombie uprising? Judging from the number of friends who told me they freaked out upon reading the first few paragraphs of my post, it seems I was successful. For all of you who got a little scare, like those folks who heard Orson Welles’s famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast…you’re welcome.

Some of the other Sphere of Influencers participated in BLITEOTW. Most notable is the Jersey Exile, who ended up blogging nearly 6,000 words by the end. His entries read almost like a work of fiction, a Lovecraftian journal chronicling the hideous events.

Stone also pretended he was being swarmed in Watertown. And Robin took a slightly different tack, pointing out the similarities between zombies and burned-out college students.

I’d like to thank all the people who commented—you guys were great. Oh, and DG is fine, by the way. She actually stayed home sick yesterday while I went to work.

Wilson says he plans to hold the event again next year on June 13 (perhaps with a different threat—aliens maybe), so those of you who didn’t participate this time around can sharpen up your shotguns and load your chainsaws.


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