It was six years ago that the world changed. I haven’t solemnized this occasion every year on this blog, but I’d like to today.

Here’s a link to Biggerboat as it appeared two weeks after the event. At the time, I was just cutting and pasting quotes from various articles to create a kind of collage of what I was thinking. I think a lot of it has only become more relevant–and in some cases, darkly prophetic–over the last few years.

  1. I was going to draft my 911 post yesterday as well (guess we three Bloggers (you, Sean and I) were all on the same wavelength) but then the day escaped me.

    I’ll put it all down at some point (guess I have to wait until next year) but I’ll say this – that is one of those days where I remember every minute in vibrant detail. I mean everything. I remember every damned thing I did that morning – and I remember the exact moment I waltzed through our company’s Call Center and caught, out of the corner of my eye, the 2nd plane hitting the tower and just stopping dead in my tracks. Before it was merely an ‘accident’. Now it was unquestionably an act of war.

    I also remember wanting to beat the living pulp out of this meathead who stood alongside me in a crowd of employees watching the towers burn on live TV. When the first tower began to collapse he turned and started laughing. That disconnect in him with what was transpiring a mere 200+ miles away and was irrevocably shattering lives across the globe – that fact that we were witnessing mass murder before our very eyes – made me, for the briefest of moments, want to disconnect every piece of that guy from the rest of him. Then, I realized, I’m better than that.

    What I remember most though was how beautiful that day began. I mean, it was a blinding blue September morn, a slight Fall crisp was in the air, and what started out as a storybook morning quickly morphed into a grim fairy tale with no apparent end in sight.

    Anyway, more in my own Blog some day, but I wanted to salute your reflection.

  2. Okay… wow! That’s two posts in row that he copied and pasted his comments from mine to BBn. At the very least, since I was slightly inspired by you to post mine, he could have posted comments to yours first. (I’m guessing that by timestamps.) :mrgreen:

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