Toy spinoff blog

I’ve decided to create a spinoff blog that will focus solely on toys. As such, I’ve registered (Poe Ghostal is my Web pseudonym). I plan to try and design the site myself, so probably won’t start running until sometime in November, since I have to focus on Halloween Month here all October.

I wanted to title the new blog Poe’s Points of Articulation, but unfortunately it’s already taken. Another option is Poe Ghostal’s Pit, which was the name of an old website I had, but I’d prefer something toy-related.

So I’m asking for suggestions. Post any titles you can think of for the new blog. Alliteration with “P” is encouraged, as is use of the possessive “Poe Ghostal’s” or “Poe’s”. Edgar Allan Poe references are also welcome.

Once I’ve got enough suggestions, I’ll take my five favorites and post a poll for everyone to vote on. The person who suggested the winning choice will get a grab-bag of random goodies from my magic attic, spanning nearly thirty years of toy collecting.

  1. j_stone_ left a comment on September 24, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Well, based on your own post, you could always use “Poe’s Magic Attic.” or some variation thereupon.

  2. That’s interesting…I really wanted the alliteration, though. And there’s already a site called Toys in the Attic.

    Of course, if I don’t get enough suggestions, I’ll just come up with my own and do a poll anyway.

  3. Nothing? Nothing at all? Sad.

    What do people think of “Poe Ghostal’s Toyland”? It would be my tribute to the now-gone Mr. Big’s Toyland, the cool toy store in Waltham where my dad used to be able to get Japanese import toys like Gaiking and Godzilla. Obviously, the emphasis would be on the “Poe Ghostal” (since it’s, so the “Toyland” would just be a kind of placeholder word.

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