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In honor of the World Series–and since I already have the red theme going anyway–I decided to edit the BBn logo a bit. Thoughts?

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!

    Just – please – don’t replace it with a Bruins B when the series ends. I couldn’t take that heartbreak.

    BTW Did you hear the ovation for Ellsbury last night? A quick check of the makeshift Applausometer I built in my den showed Ellsbury trailing only Beckett in pure volume of kudos. Most impressive!!!

    BTW2 – Beckett is the F’N MAN!!!! Once the Sox got the 13-1 lead, I actually did something I don’t often do. I flipped over to Halo and just kept checking the score to make sure nothing catastrophic had happened. Sean and I were trying to spitball a possible scenario in which they could lose and the best we could come up with is Gagne being brought in to pitch in the 6th, Francona choking on that wad of Hubba Bubba and not being able to call the pen to get someone else warming and Gagne just give up the gopher balls all night long.

    Then I realized how unlikely that possibility was. I mean, last night was Terry’s ‘chaw’ night.

  2. Beckett was indeed incredible last night. But so was the line-up…holy crud.

    I only hope the line-up can stay this hot, because Beckett’s not pitching every game. The question is who will show up on the mound tonight–Mr. Bloody-Sock-October, or aging veteran wishing he was home playing Everquest?

  3. j_stone_ left a comment on October 25, 2007 at 12:55 pm

    Nice logo!

  4. Mumma left a comment on October 25, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    LOVE the logo!! I’ve been threatening to get the logo as a tattoo if they ever win another World Series…MAY have spoken a bit in haste….

    @Ed-Not Hubba Bubba-Double Bubble-unless you have failed to notice the giant buckets of it in the back shelf of the dugout. FYI-BEST GUM EVA’!

    Also, Francona allegedly has a $20,000 bet to give up the chew for a season and therefore, the gum. I’m sure his dentist will wonder what the heck he was doing…

  5. @Aunt Mumma – Oh, I knew it was Double Bubble. Damn’d Francona and his nefarious product placement. If the tub of it off his shoulder hadn’t entered my brain via osmosis – surely that catcher’s mitt wad of it that he keeps tongue sculpting all game would have done the trick.

    I just thought Hubba Bubba was the funnier gum brand and as you, my loyal reader will attest, I let ‘funny’ beat ‘accuracy’ any day of the week. Let’s call it my own personal revenge at sinking all those bucks into a Journalism degree and then never doing anything with it.

  6. Oh… almost forgot.

    If Jordan’s has to foot the bill for your recliner, then you owe us a tat.

  7. Mumma left a comment on October 25, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    It is a three piece sectional with 2 movie seats…and 1/4 of it is free as of today! Whichever-one-of-the-Jordan guys is still there claims he is going to get Red Sox players to hand out the refund checks at the store! I suspect he thinks we will immediately spend our 3+large in there!

    My 2 other sisters had joined me in the Red Sox pledge, so it will be a matter of the Sox winning the Series, and getting Florida sister up here for a visit this summer. I want mine to look like I am always wearing a Red Sox necklace. Then you won’t be the only cousin with a Mom with a tattoo!!

  8. I’m just glad they won last night. I was going to have to take the logo down for being bad luck if they didn’t.

  9. First off, the logo rox.

    Second, Francona swaps between both through out the game. Whichever one he removes is replaced with the other. Thank gawd the two don’t ever meet… that would be… weirder.

    Last, I’m glad Schill and the boys did well. I only caught the game in bits and pieces as I was out boozing it up. Can’t wait to see what happens at Coors. I still say Sox in six!

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