No, I’m not talking about that curse. I’m talking about the Curse of the Car.

Just after I finished detailing my sordid history with said car, things began to turn around. I found out later that day that, since this is my first moving violation ever, I get a free pass on the surchargeable points. Which means in the end, all I really did by fighting the ticket was get $100 off the fine.

But there’s more. One tidbit I forgot to mention was that when I first donated the car to charity, I received a receipt informing me I could only claim $500 as the value of the car on my taxes. I followed this up with a few phone calls, but it seemed I was screwed yet again. Fine, whatever, I said–at least the car was gone. But this weekend, I received a second receipt from the charity, this time telling me I could write it off for almost half what I paid for it used.

Plus the Sox won the World Series. Overall, a pretty good weekend.

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