Men Against the Arctic

Rotor Magazine has posted an article on their website about the 1955 Disney short film “Men Against the Arctic.” My grandfather, Captain Hank Cassani (ret.), helped fly the helicopters used in the filming of the short. It went on to win an Oscar for Best Short Subject Story in 1956.

But the story behind the scenes is just as interesting, featuring a helicopter being forced to land in Arctic waters and a run-in with a polar bear. You can read the article here (PDF). In the photo, my grandfather is standing third from right.

  1. You are the coolest person I know.

  2. Hal Pendleton left a comment on July 11, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Men Against The Arctic was filmed aboard the WSCGC Westwind during SUNEC 54 (Supply Unit Northeast Command) The film was filmed on 16MM Kodachrome film using Arriflex cameras. I was an ET stationed on the WW and as an experienced amatuer photog, was used as an assistant camera operator.This film was the first attempt to film on 16mm in Cinemascope for enlargement to 35mm for theatrical release.I have 400 ft of footage shot with my Bolex on this trip.

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