Right Said Ed

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out my cousin and good friend Ed’s touching tribute to my recent nuptials. I can’t thank him enough for handling the MC duties for our “love story.”

The so-called Shindig–the East Coast reception for those who couldn’t make the West Coast wedding–went off last weekend without a hitch, since my wife and I had already gotten hitched in early August.

The wedding itself deserves its own post, as does, well, pretty much every non-toy-related thing I’ve been doing since I last posted here regularly, but PGPoA is still taking up most of my blogging time and energy. We’ll see if I can up the post count here in the near future.

Speaking of PGPoA, some of you may recall the craziness that was October ’06 here at BBn. Well, something similar will be happening over on PGPoA next month…

  1. Two posts and two days and one of them about me…

    I betta’ break out the Moose Mugs – It must be Christmas!!!

  2. As I told Jason via e-mail, I almost fell out of my chair when the previous post appeared in my Reader. Haven’t been here in so long I barely recognize the place… where are the Gravatars!?

    Oh yeah… this is an old blog. I can remedy that this weekend though. 🙂

  3. Hi Jason,

    Don?t mind me, I?m just being all stalkerish and reading your ?real? blog. My cousin Nichole was married just this last weekend at Holy Family church in Rockland and the reception was held at Monponsett Inn. Small world!


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