Rapture: The Series

While I thought the premise of Caprica was a little boring, I think a TV series about the development of Rapture prior to the events of Bioshock would be riveting. Pun intended.

Visually, dramatically, and even philosophically there’s a lot to be mined from the Rapture concept. The ambition of Andrew Ryan, his power struggle with the growing criminal empire of Fontaine, the development of ADAM and splicing and the ethical quandaries of the various scientists involved, the advent of the Little Sisters and Big Daddies…ever since the first moments of playing Bioshock, I thought the game developers had created something that could be fleshed out into an entirely new sf franchise, spreading to books, comics, movies, and even TV shows. So far, all we’ve had are two games, an art book, a soundtrack and a novel that may never come. That’s a crime.

  1. Have you seen the trailer for Bioshock Infinite? The original creator, Ken Levine of Boston-based Irrational – has been working on this in secret since the last game and it looks amazing in that it takes the “themes” of the original game and brings us somewhere new – a true sequel. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Yes, it looks pretty cool. I’m sure it will be awesome.

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