Taken this afternoon in my apt building parking lot

Link to prevent inadvertent horrification (Warning: scary zombie cannibalism graphically depicted!)

Yeah…I got issues.

  1. Mumma left a comment on June 6, 2007 at 6:02 pm

    Maybe he’ll lose his surfboard in some wild CGI chase with The F4’s…and steal this one from some street thug and ride it until he catches his board back…I just can’t imagine that they would attempt to market a toy that isn’t even in the movie…or would they??? It’s all about the merchandising,baby!!

  2. I’m guessing this was for the Silver Cycler post, not my zombie toy photo.

    And I’m pretty darned sure you won’t see the Surfer riding a motorcycle in the movie. There’s a loooong history of superhero toys that never appear in the comics or movies (such as the Arctic Batman in my post).

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