Hallowed out

As I hinted at in my first October post, I’m just not feeling the Halloween love this year. Maybe I burned out last year and need a year to recuperate. I’ll keep the Halloween theme, of course, but I’m afraid you’re not going to get daily postings. However, I’m hoping I can manage to pull together something for Christmas.

I had debated whether to post this next tidbit. But for anyone who’s curious, I participated in a faculty reading on Tuesday night at the college I work at, and they put the video up on their website (Quicktime MOV). I’m about half-way in. I appear to have been going for the land-speed record for reading a short story out loud, and I forgot to add, y’know, emotion. So you could say I’m not pleased with my performance. But I suppose it’s all a learning experience–next time will be better.

DG and I have finally started watching Heroes. And it’s great. I don’t want to discuss it here, though, until I’ve caught up.

  1. Well, I assume you mean you started watching the first season DVD’s? If so, then great, but temper your excitement for the current season. So far, IMHO, it has sucked. I’m sure it will brighten up when Kristen Bell shows up… if only because she’ll takeover as prettiest hero (or villain) with just her arrival. Of course, this won’t make up for the non-renewal of Veronica Mars

  2. RYAN left a comment on October 6, 2007 at 10:13 am

    Ssshhh!! He doesn’t want to discuss it yet!! Let him find out how awful it is for himself!!

    Also, I now have a blog of my own! One that I will actually update!! Link to me in your “Sphere of Influence” and I will do the same. http://lovegorilla.blogspot.com

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